Useful links

Ultimo lib staff stuff
  1. Stats

    To add the LibInsight widget to your desktop, please follow the instructions below:

    1. Open the following link in Chrome: click here
    2. Username :
    3. Password:
  2. Search Library Catalogue
    Set as Ultimo user, limited to Ultimo items.
  3. Student Websites | logins | Student Portal
  4. Sharepoint |
    Intranet |
    Old teamshare file://umvdata1/library/website_files/index.htm
  5. The Proxy Settings
    network id: TAFENSW
    proxy address:
    proxy number: 8080
  6. Ultimo DownTime
    For when Symphony is down [pw protected]
  7. Barcode generator
    for odd jobs
  8. EBS
  9. Quickly get to your WEB email / portal
    Webmail | TAFE staff portal | Your Apps
    Use with care if you are on a public computer.
    "Signout" of the mail (top right corner) and close all
    browser windows after use.
    BEST PRACTICE: Be certain that the next user
    cannot access your email by signing out, closing all 
    browsers, and trying to get back into your email. You
    should be presented with a login screen [not filled in
    but blank delete any filled out details] - 
    then you know you are properly logged out.