Useful links

Ultimo lib staff stuff
  1. Wireless Printing
    The usernumber will be filled in - provide the PIN; card number is not required. Please note that if you are outside of tafe you will just be redirected to the TAFE website.
    Or go to the wireless print page: Wireless Print
  2. Search Library Catalogue
    Set as Ultimo user, limited to Ultimo items.
  3. Library Website
  4. Library Teamshare
    Copy and paste this into the address bar to go to the teamshare:
    file://umvdata1/library/website_files/index.htm (only works on a sydney TAFE staff library computer, and you may have to paste it into the address bar)
  5. Ultimo DownTime
    For when Symphony is down [pw protected]
  6. EBS
  7. Staff printing account management
    Manage your PRINTING (CMSIP account) eg UNLOCK YOUR ACCOUNT