Useful links

Ultimo lib staff stuff
  1. Wireless Printing
    The usernumber will be filled in - provide the PIN; card number is not required. Please note that if you are outside of tafe you will just be redirected to the TAFE website.
  2. Search Library Catalogue
    Set as Ultimo user, limited to Ultimo items.
  3. Student Websites | logins | Student Portal
  4. Library Teamshare
    file://umvdata1/library/website_files/index.htm | Ultimo Library SharePoint | Lunch Time {sign off / on sheet}
  5. ULT Library Patron Enquiry Statistics
  6. The Proxy Settings
    network id: TAFENSW
    proxy address:
    proxy number: 8080
  7. Ultimo DownTime
    For when Symphony is down [pw protected]
  8. Barcode generator
    for odd jobs
  9. EBS
  10. Staff printing account management
    Manage your PRINTING (CMSIP account) eg UNLOCK YOUR ACCOUNT
  11. Quickly get to your WEB email / portal
    Webmail | TAFE staff portal | Your Apps
    Use with care if you are on a public computer.
    "Signout" of the mail (top right corner) and close all
    browser windows after use.
    BEST PRACTICE: Be certain that the next user
    cannot access your email by signing out, closing all 
    browsers, and trying to get back into your email. You
    should be presented with a login screen [not filled in
    but blank delete any filled out details] - 
    then you know you are properly logged out.
  12. old sitwww