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APA 7 form for a podcast

APA is required for some Higher Education level TAFE courses.
If you do not know whether to use Harvard or APA, ask your teacher.
Using Digital Sources & Social Media

Host's FIRST name:
Adding multiple initials:
Where there are multiple first names use the initials.
For example, if the name is 'Joanne K. Rowling';
insert 'J. K.' for the Author's First name.
Host's FAMILY name:
Author may be left blank
Tick if creator as listed above is the executive producer:  
Podcast Title:  
Title of episode:  
Season number:
May be left blank.
Episode number:
May be left blank.
Tick if you are citing a transcript of the episode:  
Year of Podcast (YYYY):  
Month and Day of the Podcast (Month DD):
For APA write the date as follows: Month (spelt out), then a space, and then digits for the day of the month.

Example: February 5

Format (type of broadcast)
Production company:
Web address (URL)