Barcode Creator

Formulated to hopefully work with our scanners and printers

The idea is to create a printout that you can read with the barcode reader. The printout sometimes looks perfect but for an unknown reason the barcode reader fails to read the barcodes. This seems to be the case when using Internet Explorer: everything works but the resulting printout is useless. Try to use the Chrome browser. It has worked, with chrome browser and printing, and chrome browser, printing to pdf; then printing from the pdf file.

Enter in the numbers you want to turn into barcodes, with the keyboard or barcode reader, and then click the button (at the bottom) 'create your barcodes'.

Print option :
Just print now

Save Option :
Save barcodes - they are being saved for some other general purpose | see all barcodes saved (not moved books)

Save barcodes - they are for the moved books inventory | see moved item barcodes